Table 2.

Risk factors for AKI in patients with coronavirus disease 2019

VariablesUnivariable AnalysisMultivariable Analysis
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Age, yra1.031.02 to to 1.03
Sex (male versus female)2.111.37 to 3.261.450.87 to 2.40
Disease severity (severe versus general)3.642.33 to 5.662.251.37 to 3.67
Diabetes (yes versus no)1.490.92 to 2.43
Hypertension (yes versus no)1.230.81 to 1.87
Baseline serum creatinine, mg/dla3.341.95 to 5.702.191.17 to 4.11
Lymphopenia (yes versus no)3.922.33 to 6.611.991.12 to 3.53
Anemia (yes versus no)1.210.81 to 1.83
D-dimer, mg/L (>0.5 versus ≤0.5)6.632.87 to 15.272.681.07 to 6.70
hs-CRP, mg/L (≥10 versus <10)5.722.48 to to 5.62
LDH, U/L (>245 versus ≤245)3.201.80 to 5.700.960.48 to 1.91
  • Baseline serum creatinine was defined as the lowest serum creatinine value within the first 7 days of hospitalization. Clinical characteristics and laboratory data were assessed on admission. Severe disease was defined as either (1) respiratory rate >30/min, (2) oxygen saturation ≤93%, or (3) partial pressure of oxygen/fraction of inspired oxygen ratio ≤300 mm Hg. Lymphopenia is defined as lymphocyte count <1.0×109/L. Anemia is defined as a hemoglobin level of <13 g/dl in men and <12 g/dl in women. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; hs-CRP, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein; LDH, lactose dehydrogenase.

  • a Per one-unit increase.