Table 2.

Angiogenic markers used in the prediction and diagnosis of preeclampsia in singleton pregnancies in general obstetric cohorts

Angiogenic MarkerGestation UsedUnlikely to Develop Preeclampsia in the Next WeekaAt Risk of Developing Preeclampsia within 1–4 wkaAssess as Preeclampsiaa
PlGF (Triage, Alere/Quidel)20 to <37 wk>100 pg/ml12–100 pg/ml<12 pg/ml
Ratio sFLT-1-to-PlGF (Elecsys, Roche)24 to <34 wk<3838–85>85
  • PlGF, placental growth factor; sFlt-1, soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase receptor 1. Modified from reference 19 and 76, with permission.

  • a Or another form of placental insufficiency, e.g., fetal growth restriction.