Table 4.

Patient-reported reasons for declining preimplantation genetic testing after counseling

Patient Categoryn (%)
Choice by couple20 (54)
 Declined without giving a specific reason9 (24)
 Opt for spontaneous pregnancy with PND5 (14)
 Couple does not want to wait for PGT4 (11)
 Couple deems parental health too poor2 (5)
Technical reason9 (24)
 Maternal age >42 yr at estimated time of start of IVF/PGT4 (11)
 Single-cell genetic test not possible2 (5)
 Specific indication is not allowed yet2 (5)
 Ovarian reserve does not support IVF1 (3)
Other8 (22)
 Spontaneous pregnancy prior to first PGT cycle5 (14)
 Couple separated3 (8)
  • PND, invasive prenatal genetic diagnostics; PGT, preimplantation genetic testing; IVF, in vitro fertilization.