Table 1.

Baseline characteristics

CharacteristicTotal Couples, n=98
Maternal characteristics
 Maternal age at first counseling, yr, median (range)32 (22–40)
 Nulliparity, n (%)63 (64)
Kidney disease characteristics
 Affected prospective parent CKD stage at counseling, median (range)1 (1–5)
 Affected prospective parent CKD stage >3, n (%)12 (12)
 Affected prospective parent post-transplantation, n (%)9 (9)
Genetic characteristics, n (%)
 Autosomal dominant disease53 (54)
 Autosomal recessive disease18 (18)
 X-linked disease27 (28)
In case of autosomal dominant or X-linked disease, n of total cohort (%)
 Genetically affected parent is the father33 (34)
 Genetically affected parent is the mother47 (48)
  • CKD stage is on the basis of the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative guidelines (3133).