Table 1.

The number of respondents and participation rates overall and by treatment modalities

CentersChildren Currently on Kidney Replacement Therapy in Each Center, No.Retrieved Questionnaires and Participation Rate,a No. (%)
Shanghai8411074 (88)101 (92)175 (90)
Wuhan11010 (91)0 (0)10 (91)
Zhengzhou17011 (65)0 (0)11 (65)
Chongqing30010 (33)0 (0)10 (33)
Wenzhou905 (56)0 (0)5 (56)
Subtotalc151110110 (73)101 (92)211 (81)
  • a Participation rate = (the number of respondents who returned the questionnaires divided by the number of children in the center [percentage]).

  • b These nine questionnaires were from other centers through snowball sampling. The numbers of children on long-term KRT from these centers were unknown.

  • c Number of respondents and participation rates in five centers.

  • d Number of respondents from five centers and through snowball sampling.