Table 3.

Final adjusted multivariable model of regret with dialysis decision

QuestionsAdjusted Odds Ratio Estimates95% CIP Value
If you are currently receiving dialysis, why did you choose dialysis over conservative care?
 Doctor’s/family’s wish versus personal wish (ref)2.341.27 to 4.31<0.001
Has your doctor talked to you about how much time you have to live?
 Yes versus no (ref)0.420.18 to 0.980.03
Have you completed a living will?
 Yes versus no (ref)0.480.25 to 0.950.03
 Nonwhite versus white (ref)1.510.76 to 3.0160.24
How informed are you about your medical condition and how it will change over time?
 Informed versus uninformed/unsure (ref)0.850.378 to 1.910.69
How important is it for you to be informed about treatment options such as withdrawing dialysis?
 Important versus unsure/unimportant (ref)1.190.61 to 2.300.61
How important is it for your “quality of life” to affect your future care?
 Important versus unsure/unimportant (ref)0.940.36 to 2.500.91
How important is it for you to prepare and plan ahead in case of death?
 Important versus unsure/unimportant (ref)0.570.28 to 1.150.12
How important is to you for your family to be actively involved in medical decision making?
 Important versus unsure/unimportant (ref)0.590.26 to 1.310.19
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; ref, reference group.