Table 3.

Perceived effect of electronic medical record completion time demands on fellow reluctance to participate in educational activities and direct patient care

Respondents Who “Agreed” or “Strongly Agreed” with the StatementBecause of the Competing Time Demands of EMR Completion, Fellows Are Often Reluctant to
Do ProceduresParticipate in ConferencesProlong Patient EncountersDo Independent Case-Directed Literature Review
Fellows31/60 (52%)35/61 (57%)46/62 (74%)34/62 (55%)
Clinical faculty24/84 (29%)27/83 (32%)49/85 (58%)34/84 (40%)
Program directors14/37 (38%)10/36 (28%)21/37 (57%)14/37 (38%)
  • EMR, electronic medical record.