Table 3.

Suggestions and implications for terminology for kidney health for use in patient-facing contexts

Suggestions Regarding Use of Terms
Avoid the term “ESKD” as appropriate to minimize undue confusion and distress.
Use the term “kidney” instead of “renal” where possible.
Avoid terms such as “predialysis” where possible.
The use of terms to describe kidney level of function, e.g., “GFR,” “low clearance,” “creatinine,” and “CKD stages,” may need to be supported by education, and discussion about possible symptoms and the need for interventions.
The use of the term “disease” may need to be clarified and supported with education and counseling.
“Kidney failure” may be acceptable; however, this may be supported with counseling to clarify that this refers to the kidney, and treatment options are available.
Provide information in a comprehensible, compassionate manner that takes into account the patient’s individual context, circumstances, and concerns.