Table 1.

Description of the patients without and with CKD

Patients without CKDPatients with CKDAll Patients
n = 7029%n = 349%n = 7378%
Previous AIDSb160222.810229.2170423.1
Previous acute kidney injuryb127718.28323.8136018.4
Hepatitis B coinfection5127.3349.75467.4
Hepatitis C coinfection150521.47722.1158221.4
Median (IQR)
Age at HIV diagnosis (years)31 (25.5 to 38.6)c39 (30.1 to 50.1)d31.2 (25.6 to 39.1)
CD4 nadir368 (238 to 532)e288 (156 to 479)365 (234 to 529)
Baseline body mass index22.3 (20.3 to 24.5)b22.9 (20.7 to 25.6)e22.3 (20.3 to 24.6)
Delay from HIV diagnosis to initiation of ART (years)2.3 (0.2 to 6.6)c2 (0.25.7)d2.2 (0.2 to 6.6)
  • MDRD, Modification of Diet in Renal Disease; IQR, interquartile range; CKD, chronic kidney disease; ART, antiretroviral therapy.

  • a At time of CKD or last clinic visit, whichever occurred first.

  • b Information missing in 32 patients.

  • c Information missing in 48 patients.

  • e Information missing in four patients.

  • d Information missing in two patients.

  • e Information missing for one patient.