Table 3.

Rotated factor loadings of eight gait variables using factor analysis

Gait VariableGait Domain
Walking while talking, n=330
 Swing, %0.95a0.060.14
 Step length, cm0.80a0.13−0.33
 Double support, %−0.90a−0.230.11
 Stance, %−0.95a−0.06−0.14
 Cadence, steps per 1 min0.190.94a−0.03
 Speed, cm/s0.600.73a−0.22
 Swing time SD, s0.20−0.65a0.59
 Step time SD, s−0.08−0.100.91a
 Variance explained, %462417
DTC, n=326
 Swing DTC, %0.95a−0.020.09
 Step length DTC, %0.63a0.26−0.45
 Double-support DTC, %−0.79a−0.270.10
 Stance DTC, %−0.94a0.05−0.10
 Cadence DTC, %0.160.93a0.08
 Speed DTC, %0.390.89a−0.09
 Swing time SD DTC, %0.38−0.74a0.27
 Step time SD DTC, %0.03−0.030.93a
 Variance explained, %393015
  • Factor analysis was performed using the principal component method with varimax rotation. Step time SD DTC, n=327; swing time SD DTC, n=329. DTC, dual-task cost.

  • a The highest loading variables.