Table 1.

Our guiding principles for the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak

Guiding Principles
Provide dialysis
 Dialyze in the outpatient setting if patient is stable
 Develop algorithms to screen and dialyze patients
 Develop algorithms to screen and protect staff
 Develop algorithms for removal of precautions for patients and staff
 Create an environment where patients feel safe
Follow the science
 Follow droplet precautions
 Use PPE judiciously, particularly if supply is allocated
 Educate staff and patients
 Work with local and national public health officials
Provide leadership
 Assurances: ensure that staff and patients know that we have their best interest in mind, have a visible presence
 Transparency: share current-state information with patients and staff
 Communication: hold frequent calls, disseminate written information, address questions and discussion, give patients and staff opportunity to have input
 Support: provide patient and employee assistance, demonstrate best practices
  • PPE, personal protective equipment.