Table 3.

Cardiovascular disease events and adverse event during 1-year observation period

EventsControl, n=120BIA, n=120P Value
Cardiovascular disease events, n=31
 Congestive heart failure, n=2213 (10%)9 (8%)0.42
 Myocardial infarction, n=101 (1%)0.54
 Angina pectoris, n=21 (1%)1 (1%)0.94
 Cerebral infarction/hemorrhage, n=42 (2%)2 (2%)0.96
 Peripheral vascular disease, n=21 (1%)1 (1%)0.95
Adverse event
 Hypotension, n=000
  • Log-rank test was used to compare the events between two groups. BIA, bioelectrical impedance analysis; —, not applicable.