Table 3.

Correlations of kidney solute clearances with symptoms (n=28)

SoluteDSI Symptom ScoreaKCCQ Summary Scoreb
RhoP ValuecRhoP Valuec
Composite secretion score (kidney)−0.490.0070.410.02
Secretory solutes
 Dimethyluric acid−0.330.080.270.15
 Indoxyl sulfate−0.420.020.260.18
 Kynurenic acid−0.490.0080.320.09
 p-cresol sulfate−
 Pyridoxic acid−0.400.030.280.14
  • GFRurea+Cr is calculated as the mean of urea and creatinine clearance standardized to body surface area. DSI, Dialysis Symptom Index; KCCQ, Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire.

  • a Lower DSI scores indicate fewer uremic symptoms.

  • b Higher KCCQ scores indicate fewer dyspnea and fatigue symptoms.

  • c Raw P values are uncorrected for multiple comparisons.