Table 2.

Summary of facility characteristics as reported by unit administrative clerks to the CORR 2005 Facility Profile and supplemental questions for participating in-center and satellite units

CharacteristicsIn-Center Units (n = 3)Satellite Units (n = 9)
No. of HD stationsRange from 23 to 35Range from 6 to 9
Nurse-to-patient ratio2.5:13:1
Arrangement of HD supportedTotal care onlyTotal care and self-care
Patients allowed to operate dialysis machinesAt 1 site onlyYes
Home HD training facilities present?NoYes
Facilities for temporary visitorsYesYes
Health professional available
    social workerYesYes
    nurse practitionerYesNo
    pharmacistAt 2 of 3 sitesNo
Frequency of nephrology visitsWeekly or biweeklyMonthly
Eligibility criteria to dialyze at facilityNoYesa
Frequency of urea kineticOnce every 3 monthsOnce every 3 months
Modeling for patients
Screening for Hep B/Hep CYesYes
HIV testingOnly for specific indication (all new patients at 1 site)Only for specific indication
Isolation room presentAt 2 of 3 sitesNo
  • a To dialyze at a satellite unit in Southwestern Ontario, patients must be able to maintain a stable blood pressure during HD treatment that does not require monitoring >1 to 2 times per hour; have an HD access that provides consistently adequate blood flow; have no new, unresolved, active medical problems without a clearly defined course of follow-up; and consistently receive their treatment in a reclining chair as opposed to a bed. CORR, Canadian Organ Replacement Register; Hep, hepatitis.