Table 4.

Cholesterol targets based on patient risk category (85)

Patient CategoryTarget LDL LevelInitiation Level (mg/dl)Risk Stratification (Total Cholesterol in non-CHD)
Primary prevention<130 mg/dlDesirable
    no CHD and <2 Risk factorsa160 mg/dl≥160 mg/dl≥190 mg/dl130 to 159 mg/dlBorderline high
    no CHD and ≥2 risk factorsa130 mg/dl≥130 mg/dl≥160 mg/dl≥160 mg/dlHigh
Secondary prevention
    CHD or CHD risk equivalentb100 mg/dl>100 mg/dl≥130 mg/dl
  • a Risk factors for CHD include: age male ≥45, female ≥55; family history of CHD: first-degree relative with MI or sudden cardiac death, male relative age <55, female relative age <65; current cigarette smoker; hypertension, BP ≥140/90 mmHg or on antihypertensive; diabetes mellitus.

  • b CHD risk equivalents: diabetes, other atherosclerotic disease, and multiple risk factors that confer high long-term risk.