Table 5.

National Kidney Foundation guidelines for managing dyslipidemias in adults with CKD (5)

TG (>500 mg/dl)TG (<500 mg/dl)TLCTCL + fibrate or niacinFibrate or niacin
LDL-C (100 to 129 mg/dl)LDL-C (<100 mg/dl)TLCTCL + low dose statinBile-acid sequestrant or niacin
LDL-C (>130 mg/dl)LDL-C (<100 mg/dl)TCL + low dose statinTCL + maximum-dose statinBile-acid sequestrant or niacin
TG (>200 mg/dl) and non-HDL-C (>130 mg/dl)Non-HDL-C (< 130 mg/dl)TLC + low dose statinTCL + maximum-dose statinFibrate or niacin
  • This table was published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (Suppl. 3) and modified. KDOQI clinical practice guidelines for management of dyslipidemias in patients with kidney disease (copyright by the National Kidney Foundation, 2003) were followed. HDL-C, HDL cholesterol; LDL-C, LDL cholesterol; TCL, therapeutic lifestyle changes.