Table 1.

Selected published and registered randomized, controlled DGF trials

Published Trials
InterventionTargetCohort SizeResultsReference
EculizumabComplement C5an=27No difference in DGF rate, GFR at 6 mo3
Dopamine (donor treatment)Multiplen=487No graft survival advantage on intention to treat analysis4
Epoetin-αMultiple sitesn=72No difference in DGF, SGF, and IGF rate and GFR at 1 mo5
rPSGL-Ig (YSPSL)Leukocyte adhesion blockaden=59No difference in DGF rate6
Hypothermic machine perfusionMultiple sitesn=80Reduce risk of DGF, mean eGFR higher at 28 d and 1 yr7
Registered Trials ( accessed October 19, 2019)
InterventionTargetStage/Estimated EnrollmentEnd Point(s) ID
Envarsus XR versus tacrolimusFluctuations in tacrolimus levelsRecruiting n=100Duration of DGFNCT03864926
QPI-1002siRNA targeting p53 geneCompleted n=594Number of dialysis sessions at 30 d post-transplant in older recipients of DBD kidneysNCT02610296
BB3Hepatocyte growth factorRecruiting n=242Duration of DGF/number of dialysis sessions at 30 d post-transplantNCT02474667
QPI-1002siRNA targeting p53 geneCompleted n=374Safety and incidence of delayed graft functionNCT00802347
OPN-305TLR-2Completed n=252Dialysis initiation and failure of creatinine to decrease by 10% daily on three successive days during first 7 d post-transplantNCT01794663
Renaparin in machine perfusion solutionMultipleRecruiting n=18Safety/adverse events in 30 dNCT03773211
Mild hypothermia and machine perfusionMultipleRecruiting n=2800Incidence of DGFNCT02525510
  • DGF, delayed graft function; SGF, slow graft function; IGF, immediate graft function; ID, identifier; siRNA, small interfering RNA.