Table 3.

Correlations comparing percentage of imported kidneys with donor utilization index at center level, stratified by Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network region

Region% Imported KidneysDonor Utilization Index
RhoP Valuea
All Centers21.70.39<0.001b
Region 113.3−0.050.88
Region 221.10.420.04b
Region 322.70.240.40
Region 416.20.830.001b
Region 524.30.570.02b
Region 612.3−0.300.62
Region 720.4−0.380.25
Region 821.40.38<0.001b
Region 938.20.820.001b
Region 1017.00.240.44
Region 1127.20.580.02b
  • n=182.

  • a Testing difference from 0.

  • b P≤0.05.