Table 2.

Linear regression examining the association between Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network region and mean region donor utilization index (R2=0.266) using region 6 as reference

CovariateDonor Utilization Index
BaSEMP Value
Region 147.012.248<0.001b
Region 238.210.966<0.001b
Region 312.911.4720.26
Region 47.511.2400.51
Region 528.711.1170.01b
Region 6 (reference)
Region 729.011.7880.02b
Region 821.511.9220.07
Region 961.812.073<0.001b
Region 1026.711.6710.02b
Region 1124.911.5660.03b
  • n=182. —, not applicable.

  • a Donor utilization index for each region is the constant term plus the β value for the region.

  • b P≤0.05.