Table 2.

Outcome rates for patients on incident peritoneal dialysis at 3 years, by time perioda,b

OutcomePrereform Period: 2008–2009 (n=10,585)Interim Period: 2010 (n=7832)Reform Period: 2011–2012 (n=18,742)
Switched to HD for at least 30 d20.119.118.4
Switched to HD for at least 180 d14.514.113.6
Discontinued dialysis0.91.11.2
Recovered kidney function1.11.21.2
Kidney transplant7.97.36.9
  • HD, hemodialysis.

  • a Rates as number of patients per 100 patient-years.

  • b On the basis of 3 years of follow-up starting at day 91 of ESKD.