Table 1.

Biologic products used in nephrology

AgentOn-Label IndicationOff-Label IndicationUnited States Patent ExpirationBiosimilar in Development
EpoetinAnemia2013Pfizer/Hospira; approved by FDA in May 2018
DarbepoetinAnemia2024Already in use in other parts of the world
EculizumabAtypical hemolytic uremic syndromeMembranoproliferative GN2021Amgen and Epirus; expected FDA filing in 2020
RituximabGlomerular diseases2016Sandoz; filed with FDA in 2017
BasiliximabKidney transplant rejectionNot availableSorrento/MabTech; testing in China only
BelataceptKidney transplant rejection2023None
  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration.