Table 3.

Correlations between primary exposure variables, systolic BP, net weight loss, and Δcreatinine on the day of the race

Core Body Temperature, °FCore Body Temperature, °FSweat Sodium Loss, gSweat Volume Loss, LCopeptin, pmol/LSystolic BP, mm HgNet Weight Loss, kgΔCreatinine, mg/dlSerum Osmolality
Sweat sodium loss, g−0.06 (P=0.81)
Sweat volume loss, L−0.13 (P=0.56)0.88 (P<0.001)
Copeptin, pmol/L−0.12 (P=0.60)0.17 (P=0.46)0.13 (P=0.58)
Systolic BP, mm Hg−0.12 (P=0.60)−0.41 (P=0.06)−0.09 (P=0.68)−0.35 (P=0.12)
Net weight loss, kg−0.06 (P=0.79)0.43 (P=0.05)0.56 (P=0.006)0.005 (P=0.98)−0.17 (P=0.44)
ΔCreatinine, mg/dl−0.05 (P=0.82)0.14 (P=0.54)−0.03 (P=0.90)0.21 (P=0.36)−0.37 (P=0.09)−0.16 (P=0.48)
Serum osmolality0.003 (P=0.99)0.24 (P=0.29)0.17 (P=0.46)0.56 (P=0.008)−0.36 (P=0.10)0.34 (P=0.12)0.25 (P=0.26)
Urine osmolality−0.23 (P=0.29)−0.24 (P=0.28)−0.22 (P=0.31)0.41 (P=0.07)−0.02 (P=0.92)0.21 (P=0.34)0.18 (P=0.43)0.27 (P=0.23)