Table 2.

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicPatients with Incident ESKD, n=1,426,677Patients with Incident ESKD that Received a First Deceased or Living Donor Transplant, n=209,225Patients with Failure of the First Transplant, n=27,459
Age, yr, median [IQR]57 [49, 67]47 [34, 60]50 [40, 67]
Cause of ESKD
 Polycystic disease3%9%7%
Body mass index, kg/m2
Medical insurance
Employment status
Comorbid conditions
 Congestive heart failure29%10%15%
 Peripheral vascular disease13%4%7%
 Cerebrovascular disease8%3%4%
 Atherosclerotic heart disease20%8%10%
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease7%1%3%
 Inability to ambulate5%0%3%
 Alcohol dependence2%1%0%
 Drug dependence2%0%1%
 Current smoker7%4%4%
Year of ESKD incidence/transplant failure
  • Body mass index was missing for 4% of patients.