Table 2.

Potential candidates for home hemodialysis

Motivated patients with ESKD who are capable of self-care
Patients who are motivated to work or continue schooling
Suitable patients who require home to home transition (from peritoneal dialysis to home hemodialysis)
Patients with ESKD and the following clinical conditions
 (1) Obstructive sleep apnea
 (2) Difficult to control hypertension
 (3) Intradialytic hemodynamic compromise (e.g., hypotension or cramps)
 (4) Refractory volume overload (associated with decompensated right heart failure or uncontrolled ascites)
 (5) Prolonged recovery time and/or inadequate uremia control (e.g., uremic cardiomyopathy)
Women with ESKD who are planning to conceive