Table 3.

Prevalence and outcomes of AKI in acute pancreatitis in previous studies

First Author/CountryYearNo. of Patients with Acute Pancreatitis% of ICU Admissions% of Patients with AKIDefinition of AKI% of Patients with AKI who Received KRTMortality in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis and AKIScoring System
Tran/Netherlands (4)19932674416Cr> 3.2 mg/dl or a two-fold creatinine rise in patients with CKD26% (11/42), all died81% (34/42) hospital mortalityRanson score (1±1.2 in non-AKI, 3.9±1.5 in AKI)
Kes/Croatia (5)19965633514NA62% (49/79), 95.9% died74.7% (59/79) overall mortalityRanson score (1.1±0.7 in non-AKI, 3.8±1.4 in AKI)
Li/China (6)2010228NA18.4aUrine output <400 ml/d or Cr >2 mg/dlNA66.6% (28/42) overall mortalityAPACHE II score (9.65±4.40 in non-AKI, 11.71±5.60 in AKI)
Lin/Taiwan (7)2011173410015.0On the basis of ICD-9-CM codesNA23.8% (62/261) ICU mortalityNA
Zhou/China (8)201541410069.3Absolute increase of serum Cr >0.3 mg/dl or 50% increase53.3% (153/287), 58.1% died44.9% (128.8/287) ICU mortalityAPACHE II score 17±7.9
Devani/United States (3)20183,466,493NA7.9On the basis of ICD-9-CM codesNA8.8% (24,099/273,852.9) inpatient mortalityNA
  • Overall mortality indicates that authors did not specify time or location of death. ICU, intensive care unit; KRT, kidney replacement therapy; Cr, serum creatinine; NA, not available; APACHE II, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; ICD-9-CM, International Classification of Disease, ninth revision, Clinical Modification.

  • a Denotes incidence. All studies are retrospective in nature.