Table 3.

Biochemical parameters in 27 kidney transplant recipients with repeat bone biopsy at baseline and 2 years after kidney transplantation

Variables (Normal Range)BaselineTwo Years after Kidney TransplantationP Value
Creatinine, mg/dl (0.68–1.13)N/A1.38 (1.09–1.98)N/A
GFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2N/A54 (38–70)N/A
Ca2+, mg/dl per pH 7.4 (4.64–5.2)4.8 (4.48–5.08)5.04 (4.88–5.28)0.005a
Inorganic phosphate, mg/dl (2.19–3.81)6.04 (5.51–7.09)2.97 (2.51–3.60)<0.001a
PTH, pg/ml (15–65)248 (142–394)90 (50–168)0.001a
25-hydroxyvitamin D, ng/ml (>16)12.8 (5.8–23.6)23.2 (16.8–31.8)<0.001a
1,25 vitamin D, pg/ml (22.9–76.3)12.1 (8.8–18.3)54.8 (18–67.5)<0.001a
Bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, μg/L (6–15)12 (9.4–18.5)14 (10.5–27)0.14
Osteocalcin, ng/ml (14–46)230 (94–290)41 (28–66)<0.001a
  • All values are expressed as median (interquartile range). Conversion factors for units: creatinine in mg/dl to µmol/L×88.4; plasma ionized calcium in mg/dl to mmol/L×0.25; inorganic phosphate in mg/dl to mmol/L×0.3229; intact parathyroid hormone levels pg/ml and ng/L are equivalent; 25-hydroxyvitamin D in ng/ml to nmol/L×2.496; 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D pg/ml to pmol/L×2.4; and osteocalcin ng/ml and µg/L are equivalent. N/A, not applicable; Ca2+, ionized calcium; PTH, parathyroid hormone; 1,25 vitamin D, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.

  • a Statistically significant.