Table 4.

Applications rated greater than or equal to four of five on functionality by patients and nephrologists in any kidney disease content area

Application Name (Developer)PlatformUseful for Functionality
C.A.P.D. Helper (eeighon)Android onlyTracking BP over time
Tracking weight over time
Keeping an up-to-date list of general medications
Keeping an up-to-date list of dialysis-related medications
Kidney Disease Assistant (Deerane Tech.)iOS onlyTracking creatinine or GFR over time
Tracking proteinuria over time
Tracking BP over time
My Kidneys, My Health Handbook (Digital Noir)Android and iOSEducation about CKD
Education about hypertension
Education about diabetes and/or glucose control
Education about heart disease
Sharing information via text messaging/email/social media
Our Journey with Peritoneal Dialysis ( Inc.)Android and iOSEducation about peritoneal dialysis
Record Weight for Dialysis Patients (Apollonious)iOS onlyTracking and summarizing weight
Syck (Anouk Stein, M.D.)iOS onlyEducation about kidney transplant
Connecting patients with other patients
Transplant Hero—Medication Reminder for Transplant Patients (Transplant Hero LLC)Android and iOSKeeping an up-to-date list of transplant medications
Reminding patients to take medications