Table 2.

All 28 applications evaluated in this study

Application NameDeveloper
C.A.P.D. Helpereeighon
Dialysis FinderRenalsite
Dialysis MapsaPablo Perez
Health RankaStatWhiz Ventures LLC
How to Prevent Kidney Stones: Diet Guide and Healthy Recipes, CKDaWindyApp Studio
Kidney Conditions & TreatmentDimple Shah
Kidney Disease 101: Kidney Stones, Healthy Diet and CKDWhaleParadise Labs
Kidney Disease & Symptomsathadanporn boonmarkmee
Kidney Disease AssistantaDeerane Tech.
Kidney Diseases Facts: Urology Health Eval Tips Tool, Simulations Guide and Behavior with Renal & Dialysis Glossary Review!Michael Quach
Kidney DisordersaDilip J Bhagora
Kidney Failure Informationathadanporn boonmarkmee
Kidney HealthaSmartphone Software Development, LLC
Kidney Stones Guide—How to Prevent & Treat Kidney Stones Symptomsanipon phuhoi
My Dialysis Dictionary ProDailyHemo
My Kidneys, My Health HandbookDigital Noir
Our Journey with Peritoneal Inc.
Polycystic Kidney Informationathaweepong kongkratin
Potassium Counter Plus 250 Heart Healthy FoodsFirst Line Medical Communications Ltd
Record Weight for Dialysis PatientsApollonious
Renal Disease Kidney Diet Bulk SMS Software
Renal Function
Renal Kidney Failure Index CalaDroid Blaster
Score Index for HaemodialysisaAndroidHub
SyckAnouk Stein, M.D.
Transplant Hero—Medication Reminder for Transplant PatientsTransplant Hero LLC
  • a Application is no longer available for download as of January 20, 2019.