Table 3.

Tools and educational programs for serious illness communication

ToolsEducational Programs
Best case/worst case scenario planning (38)Center to Advance Palliative Care online modules (39)
Prepare for Your Care ACP tool (40)Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care,
Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence, University of Washington (47)
VitalTalk just-in-time smartphone application (41)NephroTalk Communication Training
University of Pittsburgh (23)
Serious Illness Conversation Guide, Ariadne Labs (26)Palliative Care Education and Practice,
Center for Palliative Care, Harvard Medical School (49)
Stanford Palliative Care Training Portal (48)VitalTalk online and in-person serious illness communication workshops (42)
Communication Skills Pathfinder Portal (43)
  • ACP, advance care planning.