Table 2.

Clinical outcome event rates

OutcomesControl Patients, n=6078Patients Continuing Loop Diuretics,an=5219
At-risk time, patient-yr
 Median [p25, p75]1.0 [0.6, 1.0]1.0 [0.8, 1.0]
 Crude rate, deaths per patient-yr0.230.18
 Adjusted HR (95% CI)1 (Referent)0.92 (0.84 to 1.01)
 Crude rate, admissions per patient-yr2.101.84
 Adjusted IRR (95% CI)1 (Referent)0.93 (0.89 to 0.98)
Intradialytic hypotension
 Crude rate, episodes per patient-yr24.322.7
 Adjusted IRR (95% CI)1 (Referent)0.95 (0.92 to 0.99)
  • Outcomes are adjusted for age, vascular access type, serum albumin, diabetes, and heart failure. p25, 25th percentile; p75, 75th percentile; HR, hazard ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; IRR, incidence rate ratio.

  • a Patients continuing loop diuretics refilled a prescription for a loop diuretic immediately after dialysis initiation, whereas control patients did not.