Table 3.

AKI in subpopulation assessed using laboratory data

AKIaNo. Events (%)Odds Ratio (95% CI)P Value
Levetiracetam Users (n=509)Nonusers (n=1018)
30 d≤5 (≤0.1)b8 (0.79)1.25 (0.41 to 3.82)0.70
180 d19 (3.73)27 (2.65)1.44 (0.78 to 2.66)0.24
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a AKI was assessed by the change from a baseline serum creatinine concentration to peak serum creatinine concentration measured within the time period indicated after the index date. Peak serum creatinine concentration may have been measured in an outpatient laboratory, emergency department, or hospital setting. Index date was defined as the date of prescription dispensing in levetiracetam users and was randomly assigned in nonusers.

  • b To comply with Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences privacy regulations to minimize the chance of identifying a study patient, numbers of patients were suppressed in the case of 1–5 patients (reported as ≤5). Accordingly, an odds ratio assuming five events in the levetiracetam group is presented. This may overestimate the true rate.