Table 4.

Univariable and multivariable analyses to study the involved factors in severe loss of kidney function after drug-induced AIN injury

VariablesUnivariable ModelMultivariable Model
OR95% CIP ValueOR95% CIP Value
Proteinuria, g/24 h1.491.01 to to 2.660.35
Acute dialysis3.051.20 to 7.700.023.150.89 to 11.010.07
Interval between AIN detection and start of corticosteroids1.021.00 to 1.040.0061.021.00 to 1.040.03
Fibrosis in kidney biopsy specimen >50%6.232.52 to 15.41<0.0018.682.7 to 27.4<0.001
Age at onset, yr1.000.97 to 1.030.99
Baseline Scr, mg/dl2.170.75 to 6.290.15
Time to withdrawal of offending drug, d0.990.98 to 1.020.1
Time to kidney biopsy1.021.00 to 1.040.04
Bolus corticosteroids0.610.25 to 1.450.25
Total duration of corticosteroid treatment, wk1.010.95 to 1.050.99
Duration of corticosteroid treatment at high dose, wk0.940.75 to 1.190.94
  • AIN, drug-induced acute interstitial nephritis; OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; Scr, Serum creatinine.