Table 2.

Baseline characteristics of patients with Medicaid versus no insurance at the start of dialysis

CharacteristicNo Insurance at Day 1, n=6358Medicaid at Day 1, n=4322
N or MeanPercent or SDN or MeanPercent or SD
Age, yra48114811
BMI, kg/m2f
 18.5 to <30360757%241056%
 30 to <40183129%122229%
Albumin, g/dla,f
 2.5 to <3117026%76125%
 3 to <3.5120226%72423%
Hemoglobin category, g/dlb,f
 8 to <9135624%87423%
 9 to <11208638%159842%
 Coronary artery diseaseb4247%42010%
 Congestive heart failureb128020%110726%
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseb2314%2867%
 Diabetes mellitusb289446%236655%
 Peripheral vascular diseaseb3235%3829%
 Prior strokeb2774%3087%
 Drug dependencea4016%3408%
 Patient institutionalizedb952%2466%
 Needs assistance with ADLs and/or inability to transferb3035%48311%
Facility characteristics
 Large dialysis organization417266%286966%
 Facility is for profita533184%369385%
 Facility is hospital basedb62510%2917%
Total facility patients per yearb
Full-time patient-to-nurse/technician ratiob
Residence characteristics
Poverty in zip code,b %
 15 to <25224435%160337%
Less than high school education in zip code,b %
 15 to <30286945%198546%
Year of dialysis start
Season of dialysis starta
  • BMI, body mass index; ADL, Activities of Daily Living.

  • a P<0.05.

  • b P<0.001.

  • c Other race includes Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, and people with unknown or missing race.

  • d Hispanic ethnicity was determined using the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-2728 (CMS-2728) form.

  • e Employment status was determined using the CMS-2728 form and included full-time and part-time employment. Patients who were retired, students, and homemakers were categorized as not employed.

  • f The following variables had missing values: body mass index (n=95, 1% missing), serum albumin (n=3014, 28% missing), and hemoglobin concentration (n=1342, 13% missing).