Table 2.

Baseline and post-treatment laboratory parameters among urea only–treated patients

Laboratory ParameterBaseline24 hEnd of Therapy
Plasma sodium, mEq/L125 [122–127]127 [124–129]; P=0.02131 [129–136]; P=0.001
BUN, mg/dl16 [10–20]24 [20–35]; P=0.00142 [26–53]; P<0.001
Serum creatinine, mg/dl0.8 [0.75–1]0.8 [0.75–1]; P=0.910.9 [0.75–1]; P=0.59
Urine osmolality, mOsm/kg365 [361–561]a450 [359–522.5]b; P=0.12546 [542–602]c; P=0.13
Urine sodium, mEq/L75 [42–105]aNA50 [37–76]c; P=0.06
  • Data are presented as median [interquartile range]. P values represent comparison with baseline values. NA, not available.

  • a One missing value.

  • b Eight missing values.

  • c Seven missing values.