Table 3.

Comparison of outcomes between urea only–treated and urea-untreated patients

OutcomeUrea-Only Treated, n=12Urea Untreated, n=12P Value
Baseline plasma sodium125 [122–127]123 [121–125]NA
Change in plasma sodium by 24 h, mEq/L2.5 [0–4.5]−0.5 [−2.5 to 1.5]0.04
Change in plasma sodium by end of therapy, mEq/L6 [3.5–10]5.5 [3–7.5]0.51
Normalization of plasma sodium, N (%)4 (33)1 (8)0.08
LOS, d6 [3.5–7]6 [4–6]0.74
  • Data are presented as median [interquartile range] or N (%). NA, not applicable, because urea-treated and untreated patients were matched for baseline plasma sodium; LOS, length of hospital stay.