Table 3.

Change from baseline in vascular function during control and treatment periods

VariableControlSodium Bicarbonate TreatmentDifference in Change P Value
FMD, %0.02
 6 wk4.1±3.45.2±2.9
 Absolute change from baseline−0.7±1.91.1±2.6
Systolic BP, mm Hg0.79
 6 wk133±21132±23
 Absolute change from baseline1±15−0.4±18
Diastolic BP, mm Hg0.52
 6 wk77±1576±12
 Absolute change from baseline2±12−1±13
  • Values are expressed as mean change from baseline±SD. To examine whether treatment by sodium bicarbonate has effect on vascular function (i.e., results in change in FMD, systolic BP, and diastolic BP), a study with crossover design was conducted and a mixed effects model was employed in data analysis. The P values were from the mixed effects model in testing the null hypothesis that the treatment does not have effect on FMD, systolic BP, and diastolic BP, respectively. FMD, change in brachial artery flow-mediated dilation expressed in percent (%).