Table 1.

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicsStudy Sample
Patient demographicsn=35
 Men, n (%)19 (54)
 Age at death, mean±SD (range)57±15 (27–76)
 Vintage, mo, median (IQR)16.0 (9.0–32.0)
 Charlson Comorbidity Index, mean±SD7.1±3.1
Death outcomen=35
 Cause of death, n (%)
  Cardiac arrest18 (51)
  Intraparenchymal hemorrhage2 (6)
  STEMI1 (2)
  Septic shock1 (3)
  Other chronic condition6 (17)
  Failure to thrive6 (17)
  Withdrew from hemodialysis1 (3)
 Location of death, n (%)
  Hospital19 (54)
  Home11 (31)
  Unknown3 (6)
  Work1 (3)
  Inpatient hospice1 (3)
 Death at home with hospice services, n (%)7 (20)
Characteristics of patients with a hospital deathn=19
 Potassium level on admission, mEq/L, mean±SD6.4±1.2
 BUN level on admission, mEq/L, mean±SD94.3±28.9
 Rhythm disturbance16 (84)
 Days between last hemodialysis session and critical event, mean±SD6±4
 Admission diagnosis of hyperkalemia15 (79)
 Admission diagnosis of volume overload3 (16)
 Code status at time of hospitalization, n (%)
  DNR/DNI2 (11)
  Limited code2 (11)
  No code status15 (79)
Hospital length of stay, mean±SD8.2±10.2
  • IQR, interquartile range; STEMI, segment elevation myocardial infarction; DNR/DNI, do not resuscitate/do not intubate.