Table 3.

Odds ratios for unassisted AVF maturation versus assisted maturation and nonmaturation: univariable analysis

VariableOdds Ratio95% CIP Value
Age (per 10 yr)0.870.72 to 1.050.16
Sex, female versus male0.630.37 to 1.050.08
Race, nonblack versus black0.670.34 to 1.280.23
Hypertension0.680.21 to 2.220.52
Diabetes mellitus1.040.63 to 1.720.87
Coronary artery disease0.850.49 to 1.490.58
Peripheral vascular disease1.180.59 to 2.320.64
Cerebrovascular disease0.740.39 to 1.370.33
Heart failure1.180.69 to 2.000.56
Obesity, BMI≥30 kg/m21.200.74 to 2.000.45
AVF location, forearm versus upper arm0.340.20 to 0.59<0.001
Postoperative ultrasound
 Draining vein diameter, per 1 mm1.301.15 to 1.49<0.001
 Blood flow, ml/min per 100 ml/min1.331.22 to 1.45<0.001
 Depth, per 1 mm0.830.59 to 0.910.003
 Stenosis0.290.17 to 0.49<0.001
  • AVF, arteriovenous fistula; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; BMI, body mass index.