Table 1.

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicsColectomy without Ileal Pouch (n=12)Colectomy with Ileal Pouch (n=5)Intact Colon (n=17)Hemodialysis (n=14)
Age, yr50±1751±1550±1454±14
Female, %5003521
Body mass index, kg/m226±727±624±424±3
eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m293±2893±2986±170
Diabetes, %00064a
Immunosuppressive medications, n2/121/500
  • Values are mean±SD unless otherwise stated. eGFR estimated by the CKD Epidemiology Collaboration equation. Colectomy without ileal pouch was performed for Crohn disease (5), ulcerative colitis (4), colonic inertia (1), ischemia (1) and familial adenomatous polyposis (1). Colectomy with ileal pouch was performed for Crohn disease (2) and ulcerative colitis (3).

  • a P<0.05 intact colon versus hemodialysis; differences between patients with colectomy without ileal pouch and patients with intact colon were not significant.