Table 1.

Average monthly bloodstream infection rates observed for 179 hemodialysis facilities in New England in 2015–2016

All Hemodialysis Facilities and Facility SubgroupsaNo. of Monthly ObservationsMean Bloodstream Infection Rate for Patients with Any AccessMean Bloodstream Infection Rate for Patients with CathetersMean Bloodstream Infection Rate for Patients without Catheters
All facilities42030.52±1.12.15±6.50.23±0.8
Batch-submitting  organizationb
 Provider 10.53±1.92.20±5.80.28±0.8
 Provider 20.56±1.12.68±8.00.24±0.7
 Provider 30.42±0.91.38±4.20.22±0.7
 Provider 40.68±1.52.30±7.20.20±1.0
 Provider 50.59±1.23.04±7.90.26±1.1
Hospital-based outpatient facilities1320.94±2.03.84±8.90.49±2.1
Nonhospital-based facilities40710.50±1.02.10±6.40.22±0.7
Percentage of patients with  catheters per facility
Total no. of patients per  facility
Season of the year
  • a Bloodstream infection rates are shown unadjusted per 100 patient-months (±SD) for all facilities and the facility subgroups analyzed for patients with any vascular access, patients with catheter accesses, and patients without catheters.

  • b For the three large dialysis organizations and the two independently owned facilities, we have randomized their order and omitted the number of monthly observations to preserve confidentiality of the provider organizations. Among these groups of providers, the number of observations ranged from 216 to 1728.