Table 3.

The average proportion of patients with catheters per facility for each of the five batch-submitting organizations and the 11 hospital-based outpatient facilities

Facilities by Provider Batch-Submitting OrganizationaMean Percentage of Patients with Catheters per Facility (95% Confidence Interval)
Provider 115.8 (12.5 to 19.1)
Provider 215.1 (13.8 to 16.3)
Provider 318.6 (17.5 to 19.7)
Provider 423.2 (20.4 to 25.9)
Provider 517.2 (14.1 to 20.3)
Hospital-based22.8 (17.4 to 28.2)
  • a The five batch-submitting organizations remain in the same randomized order as Tables 1 and 2. The 11 hospital-based outpatient facilities are listed separately from the other provider groups, which show only the percentage of patients with catheters in their nonhospital-based facilities. Despite the significant differences between provider organizations, the percentages of patients with catheters did not account for the differences in bloodstream infection rates in this patient group between the provider groups.