Table 2.

Stones submitted for analysis by age and sex

Age (yr)MenPercentWomenPercentRatio of Men to Women Stone Formers
0–9730.3600.31.22 (1.05)a
10–193961.66753.70.59b (1.04)a
20–2915886.3254813.90.62b (1.03)a
30–39322912.8333118.10.97 (0.99)a
40–49488419.4336918.41.45b (0.97)a
50–59616024.5372420.31.65b (0.95)a
60–69530021.0276515.11.92b (0.89)a
70–79265310.512676.92.09b (0.78)a
80–898463.45523.01.53b (0.63)a
90+620.2630.30.98b (0.63)a
Total25,191100.018,354100.01.37b (0.97)a
  • a Values represent the men-to-women ratio for each age group in the 2010 United States census (age 80 and above combined).

  • b P<0.05 for comparison of the sex ratio of stones submitted versus the sex ratio in the 2010 United States census.