Table 2.

Overview of available therapies for kidney-associated osteoporosis

DrugsDosageFDA-Approved eGFR CutoffsEffect on Mineral Metabolism
Alendronate70 mg PO once weeklyeGFR≥35 ml/minHypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia
Ibandronate150 mg PO once monthly or 3 mg iv every 3 moeGFR>30 ml/min
Risendronate5 mg PO daily or 35 mg PO weeklyeGFR>30 ml/minHypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, increased PTH levels
Abaloparatide80 μg Subcutaneously once dailyAny eGFR, not studied in ESKDHypercalcemia, hypercalciuria
Teriparatide20–40 μg Subcutaneous dailyeGFR>30 ml/minHypercalcemia, hypocalcemia, hypercalciuria
Denosumab60 mg Subcutaneous every 6 moAny eGFRHypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia
Romosozumab210 mg Subcutaneous monthlyNot studied in CKD
  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration; PO, per oral; iv, intravenous; —, unknown PTH, parathyroid hormone.