Table 2.

The total number of users that started and completed each section of the peritoneal dialysis simulator, and median number of minutes spent by users in each section

Simulator SectionUsers at Start of SectionUsers at End of SectionPercent of Users Completing SectionPercent of Total Users (n=909) Completing SectionMedian Minutes Spent in Section per User (Interquartile Range)Median Minutes Spent to Complete Section per User (Interquartile Range)
Knowledge guide909658727221 (12–32)25 (17–34)
Tactics557301543322 (7–37)36 (28–40)
Cases (all three)2596324718 (13–25)29 (20–44)
 Case 1259222862412 (9–17)12 (9–18)
 Case 2125846797 (4–11)8 (6–12)
 Case 371638975 (3–7)5 (4–8)