Table 1.

National dialysis infection prevention recommendations (information from refs. 8 and 9)

CDC 2016 Core Interventions for Bloodstream Infection PreventionHHS 2013 5-yr National Metrics and Evaluation Targets
Decrease catheter prevalenceAll bloodstream infections by access type
Chlorhexidine for catheter site skin antisepsisAccess-related bloodstream infections by type
Antimicrobial ointment at catheter siteSeasonal influenza vaccine
Catheter and vascular care access observationsNHSN reporting
Staff education and competencyCatheter use in patients on hemodialysis
Hand hygiene observationsScreening for hepatitis C antibody
Surveillance and feedback using the NHSNHepatitis B vaccine in patients on hemodialysis
Patient education and engagement
  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; HHS, Department of Health and Human Services; NHSN, National Healthcare Safety Network.