Table 1.

Major domains of barriers and facilitators of community screening for kidney disease in blacks

Knowledge themesIncreased knowledge
 Limited understanding of kidney disease Kidney disease education and testing from providers
 Poor understanding of risk factors
 Low health literacy
 No belief that screening has benefits
 Lack of kidney disease education and testing from clinicians
 Ignorance is bliss
Cultural issuesCulturally sensitive strategies
 Low trust in health care activities Influence of church leaders
 Limited value for health Positive peer pressure
 Strong spirituality beliefs Integration of small group sessions
 Fear of side effects, ego, and machismo Increased participation from younger people
EmotionsEnhanced communication strategies
 Explicit kidney disease–related fear Critical role of physicians as communicators
 Embarrassment and privacy Tailored mode of communication
 Communication of relevant statistics and information
Environmental/socioeconomic issuesConvenience
 Financial burden Timing
 Lack of convenience Location
 Poor or trivial advertisement Onsite benefits
 Lack of onsite incentives
  • Modified from ref. 8, with permission.