Table 1.

Characteristics of United States patients ages 18–80 years old initiating dialysis in 2010–2013 overall and by serious fall injury over follow-up

Characteristic at Dialysis StartOverallAt Least One Serious Fall Injury
N (%)183,047170,680 (93)12,367 (7)
 Mean (SD) age, yr62 (13)61 (13)66 (11)
 Women, %434255
 Race/ethnicity, %
  Non-Hispanic white525164
  Hispanic white141413
 Hemodialysis as first modality, %939396
 Mean body mass index (SD), kg/m230.1 (8.3)30.2 (8.3)29.6 (8.2)
 Comorbid conditions,a %
  Ischemic heart disease191924
  Cerebrovascular disease101012
  Congestive heart failure323138
  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease111013
  Peripheral vascular disease131316
  Inability to walk778
  Inability to transfer444
  • n=183,047 for all in the dialysis cohort, except body mass index (n=181,469), race/ethnicity (n=182,744), and perceived as ineligible (n=181,684).

  • a As reported on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-2728 Medical Evidence form at dialysis start.