Table 4.

Characteristics of United States patients ages 18–80 years old placed on the deceased donor kidney transplant waitlist for the first time in 2010–2013 overall and by serious fall injury during follow-up

Characteristic at WaitlistingOverallAt Least One Serious Fall Injury
N (%)37,75235,808 (95)1944 (5)
 Mean (SD) age, yr50 (13)50 (13)53 (13)
 Women, %383748
 Race/ethnicity, %
  Non-Hispanic white363548
  Non-Hispanic black363625
 Hemodialysis, %858587
 Mean body mass index at dialysis start (SD), kg/m229.6 (7.3)29.6 (7.2)29.4 (7.5)
 Mean dialysis vintage (SD), yr2.3 (2.4)2.3 (2.4)2.4 (2.4)
 Comorbid conditions in year before cohort entry,a %
  Ischemic heart disease131316
  Cerebrovascular disease556
  Congestive heart failure191923
  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease434
  Peripheral vascular disease669
  Inability to walk111
  Inability to transfer0.40.40.5
  • n=37,752 for all in waitlisted cohort, except body mass index (n=37,307), race/ethnicity (n=37,607), and perceived as ineligible (n=34,742).

  • a As reported on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-2728 Medical Evidence form at dialysis start or in inpatient discharge codes from all hospital discharges in the year up to and including the date of waitlisting. Peripheral vascular disease, amputation, inability to walk and transfer, and institutionalization were obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-2728 only.