Table 2.

Type and location of serious fall injuries among United States patients ages 18–80 years old initiating dialysis in 2010–2013

Type/Location of Serious Fall InjuryNo. (%) of Injuriesa
Total no. of patients with at least one serious fall injury12,367
Total no. of serious fall injuries15,641
Type of injury
 Fracture14,350 (92)
 Dislocation334 (2)
 Subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage after injury1034 (7)
Location of injury
 Head (skull, face, jaw)1216 (8)
 Spine367 (2)
 Chest (ribs, sternum, clavicle)2130 (14)
 Pelvis/hip1283 (8)
 Upper limb (shoulder to wrist)3412 (22)
 Lower limb (femur to metatarsals)7903 (51)
  • a Total column percentages may exceed 100% because of multiple types and locations of injuries during a single fall event.