Table 1.

AKI incidence and mortality after left ventricular assist device implantation

ReferenceDeviceFlow TypeLVAD, nAKI CriterionAKI Incidence, % (N)AKI Dialysis, % (N)Mortality in AKI versus No AKI
Topkara et al. (9)HeartmateC and P201Requirement for CRRTN/A32 (65)57% versus 28% at 1 yr
McCarthy et al. (13)HeartmateP100AKI = requirement for CRRTN/AN/A63% versus 14% in the immediate postoperative period
Frazier et al. (47)HeartmateP280AKI = Cr >2.2 mg/dl or BUN >50 mg/dl56 (156)N/AN/A
Haddad et al. (48)HeartmateP54AKI = need for RRT7 (4)N/AN/A
Alba et al. (10)Abiomed BVS5000, Toratec, Novacor, VE Heartmate, Heartmate IIC and P53RIFLE45 (24)28 (15)55% versus 7% (P<0.01) at 30 d
Kaltenmaier et al. (12)Novacor, Heartmate 2000, Berlin Heart SystemC227Requirement for RRTN/A24 (55)62% versus 39% (P<0.01) at 30 d
Deng et al. (49)MultipleC and P (90%)412AKI not defined21 (85)N/AN/A
Feller et al. (50)HeartmateC and P27AKI = need for RRT22 (6)N/AN/A
Miller et al. (38)Heartmate IIC133AKI not defined14 (18)N/AN/A
John et al. (51)Heartmate IIC1496RRT or Cr increase ≥3 times baseline or Cr >5.0 for 48 h9 (129)N/AN/A
Aaronson et al. (7)HeartWareC140RRT or Cr increase ≥3 times baseline or Cr >5.0 for 48 h5.7 (8)N/AN/A
Hasin et al. (4)Heartmate IIC83N/AN/A9.6 (8)N/A
Borgi et al. (52)Heartmate II or HeartWareC100RIFLE28 (28)9 (9)0% versus 18% (P<0.01) at 30 d
Slaughter et al. (5)HeartWareC332RRT or Cr increase ≥3 times baseline or Cr >5.0 for 48 h5.1 (17)N/AN/A
Brisco et al. (14)MultipleC2476eGFR decrease >25%7.4 (183)N/A10% mortality in those with AKI
Sandner et al. (16)HeartWareC and P69AKI = RRT47 (33)N/A78% for pulsatile and 62% for continuous flow at 6 mo
Sandner et al. (53)DeBakleyC86AKI = RRT35 (30)N/A71% with AKI versus 22% with no AKI
Demirozu et al. (36)Heartmate IIC107AKI = RRTN/A14 (15)N/A
Genovese et al. (13)NovacorC and P163AKI was not defined13 (22)N/A68% with AKI versus 35% no AKI (1 yr)
Heartmate II
Starling et al. (54)MultipleC169AKI was not defined10 (17)N/AN/A
Park et al. (55)Heartmate IIC414AKI was not defined51 (12)N/AN/A
Naik et al. (56)N/AC157RIFLE28 (44)5.7 (9)26% versus 8% (P<0.01)
  • LVAD, left ventricular assist device; C, continuous flow LVAD; P, pulsatile flow LVAD; CRRT, continuous RRT; N/A: not available; RIFLE: Risk Injury Failure Loss and ESRD; Cr, creatinine.